Phyllacantha Slimming Fluid

Thalassa Professional Line
This fluid, with extract of Phyllacantha, is particularly useful to reduce the physiological process of lipid accumulation on the hip and abdomen areas. The alga Phyllacantha is from sustainable harvesting along the coast of Brittany and purified according to biological criteria

Code A5624

Compress or bandage for at least 30 minutes.
Acqua termale del Mar Morto, Alga Fucus, Alga Phyllacantha, Estratto di Ananas, Orthosiphon
aqua, Dead sea water, glycerin, Fucus vescicolosus extract, Paullinia cubana extract, Ortosiphon stamineus extract, Phyllacantha fibrosa extrac
Format 1000 ml, 5 lt


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