White label production

White label production

Product innovation, cosmeceutical efficacy, purity of ingredients: these are the reasons that lead small and large companies to collaborate with Laboratorio Ahura.

White label production of innovative and unique customized cosmetic lines: whether you are a pharmacy, a lifestyle brand, a beauty center or a skincare company, whether it is Ayurveda or very special lines, we have an idea for you.

In our white label cosmetics production service, we enhance your project thanks to research and development based on a wealth of knowledge accumulated over decades, aimed towards the future and the bearer of a new and unique idea that we express in the final product: creativity and strict compliance with regulations complement each other, offering complete advice on any type of project.

Starting from your request, we develop a whole world around it, with passion and dedication. We create customized, innovative and authentically natural cosmetic and cosmeceutical lines, starting with the careful and creative selection of the most suitable active ingredients to arrive at a finished product that fully meets all safety criteria.

Whether it is large productions or small batches, we follow you from the first meeting until the end of the customization process, accompanying each reference with a complete dossier of technical data sheet, bio-ingredient certifications and CNCP.