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Case Histories

Creativity, innovation, adherence to specific needs and total customization are the keys to undertake each new project with passion and guarantee of results.

Schola Testori is a luxury lifestyle brand that offers an idea of ​​cocooning in every moment of life. A sophisticated cuddle that can be worn or where you can take refuge when it’s time to go to bed: from loungewear to the home, the Schola Testori concept has its roots in the ancient and precious Chinese tradition of silk processing and the same Silk Road becomes the leitmotif of the brand’s soul.

The request saw the creation of a face skincare line consisting of a milk, a tonic and a cream as well as a body cleansing line consisting of savonage and biphasic. The creative challenge touched two directions: on the one hand, an ingredient research harmonious with the spirit of the brand, which found an optimal key for execution in the choice of exquisitely oriental raw materials; on the other hand, the maintenance of a touch & feel in the textures that would bring a feeling of silkiness to every experience, made clearly thanks to the use of sericin. Understanding the customer’s needs on a sensorial level and making the beauty line adhere to the rest of the brand represented the success of this collaboration.
The brand positioning has allowed us to use research raw materials and valuable substances. The leitmotif of silk is consistently enhanced, offering a face and body skincare line with a strong innovative character and fully consistent with the brand’s equity.

The olive tree is the first tree mentioned in the history of the world and olive oil is the leitmotif of MYEVOOSKIN. The concept of the brand is to offer an experience of purity and daily care as a refuge from the cacophony of life and its often frenetic rhythms.

The request was centered on olive oil as the main active around which to build a small world of oils for hair, face, neck, décolleté and body. We started with an exceptional olive oil, produced in the Sienese area by Podere La Cittina in full respect of nature and the great tradition of Italian excellence: the olives are hand-picked and cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting.
The use of a product of extreme organoleptic value, with a presence of oleic acid lower than 0.01%, has generated a small range that stands out as a proposal on the market having for example for the body up to 98% concentration of oil of olive of incomparable quality.
The different uses have allowed variable concentrations of olive oil that marry and blend with other fine oils, creating a virtually unique proposal in the offer proposal.

L’Angolo di Lory is a Brianza wellness center extremely devoted to the total quality of the service it offers.
The leitmotif of delicacy and attention to organic recalled the use of particularly dedicated ingredients and no synthetic preservatives were used but only Ecocert natural preservatives.

The request saw the development of a line of products for children and babies 0-3 years old consisting of bath milk, body oil and a soothing powder to be used after a bath or for redness from heat or contact. The focus of the line development was naturally concentrated on the extreme safety of the formulations and on the punctual compliance with the European Pharmacopoeia regulations.
The emollient oil sees almond oil as the protagonist, highly recommended for younger children, together with a blend of cotton, hypericum and squalane oils. The bath milk brings with it a high concentration of our pure amino acid surfactant Ahura and the rice starch powder with maltodextrin guarantees protection and soothing action especially in summer.
A beautiful collaboration and a line of products that meets the needs of mothers and children.