4% Mandelic Peeling

Cleansing Exfoliation Line
This exfoliating gel is based on mandelic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid from bitter almonds. It acts without causing burning or redness. It is particularly active in the repair and rejuvenation of mature skin. It is effective even on young blemish skin for its decongestant power. It is also useful for treating pigmentation, providing a uniform and clear tone to the skin.

Code A0181

Cleanse the area to be treated with clean- sing milk or gel, rinse and dry thoroughly, then apply with a brush starting from the forehead, chin and cheeks. The zygomatic area and nasolabial genieni must be treated after about 2-3 minutes. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Do not apply in eye contour and labial area. Remove by washing thoroughly with water.
Acido Mandelico, Succo di Aloe
aqua, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Mandelic acid, hydroxypropylguar, glyceryl caprate, ethylhexylglycerin
Sebum regulator
Format 50 ml