Leader for almost twenty years in natural cosmetics, Laboratorio Ahura has set itself apart in Italy for its unique philosophy and production. Its respect for anthroposophical principles and alchemical tradition, together with the fundamental importance of ethics in all business dealings, is the framework for its cosmetic products made with certified raw materials, the purist in nature and often from Fair Trade sources.

To further embody its ethical philosophy, Ahura Laboratory has recently begun a major transformation involving every aspect of the company’s mission. As of the end of February 2021, has become a Benefit Corporation, and has adopted values and actions aimed at creating social value.

In particular, the entrepreneurial action of Laboratorio Ahura aims to:

  • Promote personal health and well-being, founded on a holistic vision connecting mankind, the world and the universe
  • Use only raw materials sourced from producers pursuing environmental sustainability, social equity in work pay and human dignity;
  • Develop products combining the best quality with the utmost respect for the environment and people at a fair price.
  • Spread, enhance and promote the use of technologically advanced natural products, safe for the body and environment as well as being effective.
  • Create a positive work environment, aimed at valuing people and their well-being.

The current year will see numerous innovations implemented by Ahura Laboratory to tire its values: from restyling its packaging to ensure extreme sustainability to creating new partnership with its Customers. This all female Company from Como wants to make a difference in all aspects of its work and aims to be even more coherent with its and payoff “Purity, Balance, Care”, by embodying these three elements not only in their products but also in their way of doing business.

The new website www.laboratorioahura.it was recently launched aimed to reveal the unique spirit of Ahura: purity, balance and care are the founding qualitites of the brand and embody the natural quality of the products, the perception of the world and of life as continuity between us, others and the environment surrounding us, the idea of care as dedication and maternal strength , the spiritual “balm” so needed in today’s life.

The new marketing approach is centered on the extraordinary quality of its products based on a system of values ​​including innovation, research, ethics, passion and anthroposophical roots – a distinctive vision, a warm and sincerely affectionate concept, even more consistent with the individual spirit of its founders and embodied in the new company name of Benefit Corporation.