The Dead Sea! This is the lowest point on the planet, at more than 400 meters below sea level, and it is a unique place where Nature gives us pure and highly concentrated elements: its salts, its water and its silt are rich in the trace elements valuable to treating our skin. The Dead Sea is a large salt lake on the border between Israel and Jordan.

Due to the high temperatures in the region, its water is continuously evaporating, causing its level to lower and mineral salts and trace elements – powerful remedies for our health – to become concentrated.

Its water has volcanic thermal springs that enrich it with no less than 37 trace elements, making it unique compared to all other seas, as well as richer in magnesium, potassium and sodium. Its use in cosmetics fights the signs of fat and cellulite, improves and stimulates circulation, relieves pain, reduces swelling and hydrates the skin.

The water from the Dead Sea is the main ingredient in Ahura hydrosaline fluid, a powerful draining and detoxifying fluid for the tissues of the thighs and abdomen. It acts effectively against cellulite in synergy with horse chestnut, hawkweed, birch and orthosiphon extracts.

Its silt releases 26 different types of minerals vital to skin care: it contains 37% interstitial water (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Lithium, Sulphate, Bromide) and 60% water-soluble minerals (Halite, Aragonite, Calcite, Mica, Dolomite, Quartz, Kaolinite).

Ahura cleansing mud is natural thermal mud with purifying and stimulating properties thanks to the action of Dead Sea silt in synergy with guarana, hawkweed, burdock, birch and juniper extracts and orange essential oils. Cleansing mud has two action mechanisms: the thermal mechanism and the reverse osmosis mechanism. Through the heat developed by the mud, vasodilatation is achieved with consequent dilation of the skin pores. The principle of reverse osmosis, on the other hand, allows mineral salts and trace elements to be transferred to the body, with the mud absorbing liquids and metabolic waste substances. The result is an improvement in water retention problems, as the skin becomes soft and velvety and regains elasticity and tone.