Face exfoliation kit

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Cleansing the face skin is very important to keep it healthy by preparing it for specific treatments. This special box includes the face brush made of pony hair that gently exfoliates mechanically the face skin and the face cleansing milk. Two important steps for our weekly Beauty Routine!

Do you know? The bristles in horsehair of pony, rigid but not aggressive, exfoliate in a decisive way the skin, soliciting the cell renewal and capillary circulation and making it bright and velvety. The opening and purification of the pores, resulting from the stimulation of the epidermis, will make it easier and effective absorption of creams or serums, increasing the benefits.

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Use the brush on the face, keeping the bristles slightly inclined with respect to the skin, and during each step rotate the wrist 180 º. Start exfoliating your face from the bottom up and from the inside out. The possible redness of the skin is not a negative symptom, but rather evidence of skin stimulation. Be careful not to over-stimulate the most sensitive areas. Then proceed with the cleansing with the cleansing milk.