Detox Body Mud

Thalassa Professional Line
This natural thermal mud has remarkable draining, purifying and toning properties thanks to trace elements and actives it contains. It is recommended for an effective draining treatment of cellulite.

Code A5604

Apply on body and wrap with plastic coating, warming it with heating blanket, leave on about 30 minutes, rinse and apply Phyllacanta slimming cream, or Gel Osmoattivo or Dren Oi.
Bardana, Betulla, Estratto di Guaranà, Limo Del Mar Morto, Oli Essenziali di Ginepro e Arancio, Pilosella
aqua, Dead sea black mud, glyceyn, Paullinia cubana seed extract, Hieracium pilosella extract, Arctium lappa root extract, Betula alba leaf extract, Citrus sinensis peel oil express, Juniperus communis fruit oil, sclerotium gum, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin, D-limonene
Format 5 kg, 500 ml


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