Every moment of our work is dedicated to you, wellness professionals. You are a messenger of beauty and grace and you share with us the same values ​​that underpin your relationship with those who rely on you: trust and attention, harmony and fidelity.

Ahura accompanies you with a complete line of highly effective, natural and alive treatments and professional cosmetic products for beauty centers and wellness centers, which allow you to excel in the delicate task of personal care. We listen to you and support you with daily dedication.

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Every time we launch new lines and natural cosmetic products we aspire to amaze you. And after almost twenty years it is still not enough.
Discover the effectiveness of our lines, their simplicity of ingredients, the power and concentration of their live active ingredients. Complete natural and eco-green face and body lines designed specifically for professional use and suitable for all skin types.

Whether you already share the Ahura philosophy or are meeting it for the first time, let us surprise you and ask us for more at the same time. Like you, together with you, Ahura looks to continuous improvement: we will always respect our promise, you will find it in the smile of your customers.

We know each other, you evaluate us, we never leave each other.

Professional cosmetics

We know each others,
you valutate us,
we don't leave each other anymore.

Beauty and SPA Professional cosmetics