Murumuru treatment,
luxurious and nutritious

Duration of treatment: 50 min.
Benefit: nourishing, moisturizing, soothing

Rich and enveloping treatment, expression of the natural power of the precious ingredients that compose it, coming from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, organic and fair trade.
A unique experience, given by highly nourishing and pleasantly moisturizing oils and butters, suitable for all skin types.
The revitalizing action is characterized by deep cleansing based on avocado biphasic, which must be shaken to activate a slightly oily and foamy emulsion capable of acting in depth and in full compliance with the lipid film of the skin.

The exfoliation phase is enhanced by the innovative Amazonian quartz exfoliant: the precious silicon quartz powder promotes the formation of collagen and increases the elasticity of the tissues. Quartz is enriched with murumuru butter and Brazilian nut oils, creating a precious balm for the skin in the balance and synergy of the ingredients that acts without irritating the tissue, immediately giving brightness and softness to the complexion.
The treatment is completed by skilled manual skills capable of enhancing the natural power and preciousness of babassu and murumuru butters. Their blend with Ahura alchemical oils and advanced biotechnological ingredients, gives a visible and immediate result.

Vitis Stem Cells treatment,
total well-being

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: oxygenating, invigorating, regenerating.

Special and complete treatment for the renewal of the epidermis, with high efficacy and intensity, particularly dedicated to delicate, dull, sensitive and mature skin, it gives a state of total well-being.

The holistic approach introduces the treatment with a scrub and mud to the sole of the foot, in order to detoxify and eliminate the tiredness and suffering that we accumulate every day, preparing body and spirit to magnify the effect of the formulations.

It is a treatment that leaves a surprising and enveloping sense of well-being to those who receive it and who can find the perfect complementarity in your capable hands.

It is a path enriched by innovative formulations that combine natural and organic active ingredients with the most advanced biotechnologies, such as grape stem cells. In particular, the presence of resveratrol strengthens the elasticity of the capillaries and reactivates the microcirculation, protecting the skin from free radicals and oxygenating the tissue.

Essence of Silk Treatment,
eternal elixir of youth

Facial Treatments silk essence - Ahura

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: Smoothing, toning, firming, anti-aging.

Specific treatment for mature and dull skin that restores elasticity and tone by exploiting the properties of silk proteins, qualities appreciated for millennia and discovered by women who in Asia and then in Europe worked the precious worm immersed in hot water, keeping their hands always young, smooth, clear and never worn.

The program involves the use of silk cocoons combined with sericin water to massage the face and deeply cleanse, giving brightness to the skin and eliminating sebum excess. A very delicate and effective treatment that promotes the production of collagen and elastin, tones the skin and maintains the correct degree of hydration.

The preciousness of this fabulous ingredient will meet the surprise of your customers thanks to your wonderful dexterity, a decisive and unique element as always!
Ahura specific formulations to treat mature skin (cream serum, masks) include hyaluronic acid, collagen, sericin and precious oils of rose, jojoba and shea butter. They have a marked smoothing, moisturizing and firming effect. In addition, for the eye area Ahura offers specific very delicate products that allow you to regain brightness and a visibly renewed appearance.

Facial treatments

A selection of facial treatments that enhance the natural power of Ahura products, combined with skilled manual skills for immediate effectiveness and holistic well-being. The Ahura method is purity, balance and care.