Draining Treatment,
rediscovered lightness

Draining Body Treatments - Ahura

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: draining, stimulating, smoothing.

Intensive and stimulating treatment based on high potential active phytocomplexes, designed to deeply drain, stimulate circulation and eliminate heaviness in legs and ankles thanks to the application of osmoactive and crioven gels.

The alchemical Ahura oil of St. John's wort is an important protagonist of the treatment: combined with scrubs with microgranules of salt and stones, carrier and emollient oils, compresses and specific creams, it creates a powerful and balanced system that restores smoothness, hydration and softness to the skin.

The formulations are characterized by vegetable oils enriched with pure essential oils, vegetal extracts of guarana, birch and burdock that combined with your skilled manual skills will give truly surprising results.

Slim Treatment,
smoothing and beneficial

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: draining, smoothing, moisturizing.

Intensive treatment to slim the waist, buttocks and thighs, characterized in its holistic approach by the welcoming ritual based on essential oils of earth and water, which opens the olfactory channel and prepares the body and spirit.

The path then combines the action of thermal mud based on Austrian peat with the fluid based on Breton algae and the specific Ahura cream to treat fat: an articulated and complete system to reshape the figure and drain in depth, which together with the your skilled hands will give well-being and results.

The selection of raw materials is enhanced by the phyllacantha algae, present both in the thermal mud and in the compress fluid, which plays an important role in the metabolism of the adipocytes of the adipose tissue, progressively reducing their accumulation and at the same time allowing a significant improvement in the circulation of body flows.

The formulas contain pure carminative essential oils, plant extracts and extracts of guarana, orthosiphon, fucus vesiculosus and pineapple with specific draining and osmotic actions.

Dead Sea Oligomineral Treatment,
precious healing knowledge

Dead Sea Oligomineral Body Treatment - Ahura

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: draining, purifying, remineralizing.

An ancient ritual that effectively helps the lymphatic system to drain excess fluids and eliminate toxins by exploiting the principle of saline osmosis. Promotes the elasticity of the tissue and contributes to its hydration.

The protagonist of the treatment is the Dead Sea silt, rich in mineral salts and of 37 trace elements useful against cellulite: a powerful natural contrast to the degenerative process of the tissue able to stimulate and rejuvenate the skin.

We prepare the body to receive this precious thermal mud - enriched with pure essential oils and plant phytocomplexes - with a scrub of salt and bamboo powder microgranules and with precious oils that between your fingers will intensely envelop the body and spirit of those who receive the treatment.

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