Liquid Fire Ritual,
light of the spirit

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: relieves muscle tension, psychophysical relaxation.

A multi-sensory journey into the element of fire, its warmth and brightness.
Ritual that fills body and spirit thanks to the power of liquid fire, presented in the form of precious vegetable butters and oils in the formulation that are gently heated by the fire of a candle.

Vegetable oils and butters are the invisible heat reserve accumulated by plants in oil seeds during the fiery summer season: this powerful essence is kept alive and intact thanks to the delicate cold pressing and mixing with essential oils and fragrances.

The massage conducted by skilled hands enriches a total sensory experience that illuminates and warms the daily coldness of winter and is able to dissolve muscular as well as more deeply soul tensions.

The massage, conducted with Ahura candles, involves all the senses:
The view, in the flame that lights up the room.
Touch, in the synergy between hands and warmth.
The sense of smell, in the entrancing fragrances emanating from the massage.
The taste, which allows us to savor a unique moment.
Hearing, in the sweetness and rhythm of the crackling of the flame that melts the oil.

Cotton treatment,
soft embrace of love

Cotton Treatment - Ahura

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: relaxing, dissolves psychophysical tensions.

Particularly affectionate and invigorating treatment, which dissolves all the tensions generated by the daily rhythm and envelops with softness and lightness.

Gossypium Huile (cotton oil) is the main ingredient: its easy absorption gives a pleasant and enveloping sensation that gives the body and mind a total state of relaxation.

The ritual is introduced by cleansing the face and body and proceeds with the application of the face mask, which improves the elasticity and brightness of the skin. Your hands will embellish the massage with warm cotton oil, remove the psychophysical tensions of those who receive it and leave a wonderful and profound feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Bamboo Shea Ritual
face and body,
deep nourishment

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: deep cleansing and nourishing massage.

An engaging path that deeply cleanses and nourishes, introduced by the purification ritual of the soaping massage that oxygenates and dynamizes the skin.

The main elements of the ritual are the bamboo shea savonage, with a very soft texture and the organic bamboo argan oil rich in organic silicon, both specially conceived in exclusive and natural formulations that will be enhanced by your enveloping manual skills.

After the face and body cleansing ritual with bamboo shea savonage worked with brushes and silk cocoons for the face, the path meets the face massage with organic bamboo argan oil. The sensory emotion is enriched with fragrance grape seed oil, which is prepared with the same fragrance as the savonage to end the treatment while maintaining the entrancing olfactory experience.

Honey ritual,
triumph of the senses

Honey Ritual - Ahura

Duration of treatment: 60 min.
Benefit: purifying, regenerating, moisturizing and softening.

A rich and almost overwhelming ritual, a true explosion of the senses that makes you want to taste the formulations as seductive as they are!

The ritual consists of a relaxing and energizing massage conducted with the precious Ahura organic acacia honey oil from the Larian Triangle and with the fair trade certified organic cane sugar body scrub from the Mauritius Islands: the very fine grain size of the combined sugar to the skilled hands that operate the massage creates a very pleasant synergy and generates an immediate energizing effect. In addition, the exfoliating action removes the keratinous state of the epidermis, accelerating cell turnover.

The sensation of enveloping wellbeing is further amplified by the pack made from the delicious organic shea mousse, organic jojoba oil and organic honey, sweetly scented and rich in nourishing and moisturizing substances.

Hydrated and regenerated skin, silky and velvety touch, body and soul in raptures!

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