AhUniverse Values - Ahura


We are convinced that the world does not need heroes but simple and concrete daily practices that generate a positive effect for everyone.

Ethics, sustainability and the common good: without these pillars we ourselves would not be what we are and neither would Laboratorio Ahura have a reason for being, because nothing is distinct from the rest.

We have built a company that aims to harmonize every aspect of work with our personal principles, from the purchase of raw materials, to the way we produce and the relationship with customers and the community.

We are linked to the fair trade circuit, aware that our choice has an indescribable impact for hundreds of families in Africa and South America.

We optimize each production process so that it has the least possible effect on the environment. We have only one planet and it is our duty to leave it in better conditions for those who come after us.

We also know that every action and every intention generates a reflection on what surrounds us and for this reason we believe that companies, as well as people, have the power to improve the world thanks to the choices they make every day.