Natural cosmetics
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Natural cosmetics

We, with our bodies and our skin, are nature in nature, mystery in an even greater mystery.

And if it is true that nature conserves itself by taking care of itself, in the same way humans have always benefited from the harmonizing and healing power of the plant and mineral world.

Laboratorio Ahura was born with this awareness reinforced by our adherence to the principles of anthroposophical philosophy, and has grown over the years to become an important eco-green cosmetic reality in Italy.

In the production of our natural cosmetics, we combine the most modern bio-technological research with Cosmos, Demeter, Ecocert certified natural raw materials because we want a future where innovation rhymes with respect, care, preservation and awareness: each Ahura formulation brings with it this vision, so that the future is today.

In all our natural cosmetics, from creams to serums, from cleansers to treatments, we do not use parabens, petrolatum, SLE / SLES, paraffins, silicones, mineral oils, Pegs, BHT, BHA or synthetic gels.

Natural all the way.

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