The dream of so many of us is to cope with impure skin, which is almost universally identified with oily skin.

In the common idea of things, we should get rid of sebum so that our skin looks even and dry. The dream is to have smooth skin free of enlarged pores or imperfections like pimples and blemishes! However, in our daily lives, these small imperfections can affect us all, and it’s not just a question of skin type, but also a question of a person’s hormonal state, season, diet, medications, and so on.

How is skin type determined? All skin is unique, just like fingerprints; it has its own thickness, characteristic transparency, specific kind of melanin and fibers (collagen, elastin, jaluronates or lubricants). All skin reacts differently to external stimuli as well as being influenced by the passage of time.

How can you manage impure skin?
Impure skin cannot be changed, but it can be managed.

It is useless to resist nature by trying to get rid of oil. You risk the opposite effect:
by increasing dryness, there is a risk of having more and more blackheads and blemishes. Your skin would also be left even more prone to external elements like the sun, wind, chemicals and would be stripped of its natural defenses.
Ultimately, combination skin must be rehydrated, treated and checked for imperfections, while following a careful beauty routine:

  • Cleansing: very important and fundamental is to purify without damaging your skin!
    o Our Tea Tree Cleanser is perfect: a combination of tea tree essential oil, a perfect antibacterial agent, with a vegetable amino acid surfactant that gently and deeply cleanses. If your skin is particularly dry, use the two-phase cleanser with avocado oil or soothing toner to rebalance your skin’s pH.
  • Ares Serum, moisturizing and healing: thanks to thermal water coming from the Dead Sea, lime, hamamelis, lemon and chamomile hydrolate, and organic calendula and burdock extracts, it penetrates, calms and neutralizes all skin sensitivities.
  • Ares Cream, with sweet almond oil, effectively rebalances and purifies epithelial tissues. In addition to the powerful purifying and moisturizing action of burdock and butcher’s broom extracts, the beneficial and astringent effects of witch hazel help to restore the skin to its best possible condition.
  • Marica Mask, purifies and deep cleanses. Aerated clay has the power to absorb impurities penetrating the deep layers of the epidermis, while burdock extract purifies and provides anti-seborrheic benefits. Calendula extract soothes and refreshes, leaving the skin clean and treated.
Learn more about our remedies for treating impure skin and remember:
when it’s Ahura, 3 drops is all you need!

What’s combination skin and what’s the difference between oily and combination skin?

Want to know the truth? Oily skin is RARE!
Oily skin has a particularly large amount of surface moisture and Sebum.
It’s more accurate to talk about combination skin, that is, skin that tends to be dry with an excessive amount of sebum, as compared to the excessive amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands in other areas of the face.
The quantity of sebum and the type of sebum a person’s skin generates is determined by the sebaceous glands and differentiates from person to person.
To put it more clearly, surface moisture is determined by changes in the amount of water in primarily gaseous form (TEWL). Sebum instead is made of a fatty component produced by sebaceous glands as well as dead keratin cells and a substance called NMF (natural moisturizing factor).
Impure skin can be dry, combination or oily, but has the characteristic of having flaws like pimples and/or blackheads, and can sometimes develop into acne.