from an article in La Provincia di Como newspaper.

“A must has always been the desire to create high quality face and body creams, oils, serums, masks, gels or scrubs, while paying maximum attention to the “dermo” and “eco” compatibility, by avoiding ingredients such as mineral oils, parabens, paraffins, pegs, silicones and/or Vaselines.”

On the other hand, the concentration of active ingredients, such as vitamins and essential oils, is elevated, together with the presence of plant-based preservatives, or ingredients from fair trade sources.

“We take great care in sourcing raw materials. When we source them ourselves, for example by direct harvesting, as is the case with St. John’s Wort, we follow specific procedures, starting the harvest on the feast day of St. John, right here, in our local territory, the Triangolo Lariano, with its powerful symbolism and energy.”

But the raw materials also come from other territories which emphasize their qualities, such as the scented lavender from the Island of Elba and the bio-dynamic virgin olive oil from Tuscany. Even those coming from fair trade sourcing are not only of excellent quality, but also trigger a virtuous circle benefiting the people and places from which they come and thanks to which Ahura has been able to launch solidarity projects such as in Burkina Faso.

“From Africa we receive Shea butter, date oil and Argan oil. Cacao comes from Central America. Sugar, on the other hand, comes from the Mauritius Islands while, from Brazil, we import organic murumuru and babassu butter as well as soil very rich in iron and micro-crystalline quartz for masks and scrubs.”

Yet, tradition and atavistic natural substances are combined with continuous research in biotechnology, for example the use of a special fat-soluble vitamin C that, unlike the commonly used one, which does not oxidize, or Bio-placenta for effective for cell regeneration. And thanks, as always, to technology, product packaging is capable of guaranteeing the stability of the extraordinary energy and functionality of the products.

“Packed with airless technology has been truly instrumental, because our products dispensed from vacuums are not contaminated by either air or physical contact, nor do they oxidize. Even the fragrance of the essential oils lingers.”